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Need Some Inspiration For Why You Should Cleanse? We Got You:

Nourish Vital Organs

Cleansing allows the digestive system to rest, freeing up blood, oxygen and energy to work on vital organs, including your brain!

Elimination of Toxins

Toxins are broken down & eliminated through your digestive tract, while your body is flooded with essential vitamins and enzymes

Better Sleep Patterns

Most sleep cycles are spent breaking down your last meal of the day, leaving you feeling tired in the morning. Detoxing your digestive system allows your body to actually rest while you sleep

What To Expect:

Prepping For Your Cleanse

Prepping for your cleanse is almost as important as the cleanse itself. Make sure you're cutting processed and fried foods, red meats, starchy foods and dairy to name a few. You should be cutting these down at least two days before your cleanse starts. Increase your water intake as well as whole, real foods.

During Your Cleanse

Your body is now going through a major detox. Give yourself a break from heavy exercise routines for the duration of your cleanse. Drink plenty of water in between juices. If you feel a moment of weakness, we suggest eating half an avocado or a handful of almonds to curb your hunger.

After Your Cleanse

Congratulations! You did it! As tempting as it may be, it is recommended to ease slowly back into solids. Start with soups and leafy greens and slowly incorporate your desired diet back into your life. This is the perfect opportunity to cut out bad habits so be careful what you let back in!

Some Common F.A.Q.'s:

What makes a Salud cleanse different?

Salud juice uses 100% organic produce and are USDA certified to do so. We also bottle in sturdy glass bottles that don't leech plastic chemicals into your juices. Lastly, all of our juice is pressed daily and you will never have a juice that was made more than 3-5 days ago. Simply put, our integity is like no other!

Can I eat while I cleanse?

It is not suggested to eat during your cleanse. The cleanse is designed to help your body rid toxins and rest the digestive system. However, we suggest listening to your body if you feel uneasy at any time during your cleanse and eating if needed.

Can I cleanse while I work?

Yes. Although cleansing is different for everyone. Some feel completely energized and others weak and groggy. And some prefer cleansing while they work because it keeps their mind off of eating!

How do I drink my juices?

We have numbered our juices 1-6 as a suggestion. Some enjoy drinking #1 and #6 throughout the day while others prefer to drink them exactly in order. Either way, you should be drinking your juices slowly and within two hours of each other, starting with #1 as your breakfast.

Can I workout during my cleanse?

Light exercise, if any, is suggested. If your cleanse includes a nut milk, you will be getting a small amount of protein but not much. As always, we recommend always listening to your body and contact a healthcare professional if you're unsure.

Got more cleanse-specific questions for us?

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