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Monisha about 14 hours ago


I've been visiting SALUD ever since they were in the tiny building on cherry. Everything they serve is top notch. The stuffed avocado with walnut meat is so delicious. I even tricked a devout meat eater friend into thinking it was chorizo. I really enjoy the drinks.. from Solent greens, to fine feathers kombucha, to spicy roll. SALUD makes eating healthy, easy, affordable and puts your mind at ease that you are helping the environment by offering a bottle recycling program. The drinks are so tasty even my 8 and 11 year old love it. I would recommend SALUD to everyone. Don't forget your ginger shot!

Ange.Mura 7 days ago


This is my favorite juice. A hint of ginger and it tastes really soft too from all the orange and carrot I love it

Ange.Mura 7 days ago


I got a beauty hot drink on a really cold day. I actually got all the hot drinks that day. And they really made my night

Jc10028221892 9 days ago


Omg ! Im a convert. It was plenty. Tasty and freeking soooo good. Jeanne im hooked! Salud!

Lawrence.Crystal1 18 days ago


Such a refreshing taste. I keep coming back for this flavor and it remains consistent and delicious!

Heidyval about 1 month ago


Absolutely delicious! I have bought this drink (and all the others) and it is one of my favorite ones. I love the coconut taste and the hint of honey. I will keep buying!

Kendall.Claure about 1 month ago


so yummy! perfect when you want something a little different than your regular coffee/are a little hungry and need some substance! i highly recommend!

Emilyt.Zahn about 1 month ago


Delicious, healthy, and filling smoothie! The flavors are refreshing and clean tasting, and it actually fills you up.

Joykozak 3 days ago


My favorite green juice! I can drink Salud everyday (and often do) it's always amazing

Ange.Mura 7 days ago


My friend took me in to try this and it was really good. I actually couldn't believe it. It was my first time trying food in here. I really enjoyed it

Ange.Mura 7 days ago


I love this almond milk. My friend brought me in to try and yes it was amazing in flavor and just to look at. It had simple ingredients and I love that too.

Jwallacealvarez 9 days ago


Best juices in Long Beach and tasty raw foods too. Nut milks and coffees hit the spot when needed and the staff are always super friendly and helpful. Tonics and shots are the best combos. We've been coming since they opened and they're only getting better. Hands down favorite juice place around!!

Valeshaileah about 1 month ago


This blended delight comforts my soul- hot or cold a drink that contains a unique flavor of spice and bliss I can't find anywhere else! Thank you !!!

Latrice about 1 month ago


Can't go wrong with the detox drinks, what I also love about this place is the options you can choose from, how healthy and delicious the drinks are!

Luethmann about 1 month ago


I've been a regular at SALUD for so long, yet I hadn't tried any of the frothies. The cashier, Natasha, was so kind and helpful in assisting me figure out what frothie would be best for me. The calming frothie was SO GOOD and did just what I thought it may - calm me a bit before my busy day. Thank you SALUD for always being there!

Juliet.Agtang about 1 month ago


The coco 'chata is absolutely amazing. Its sweetness, combined with the rich taste of coconut and cinnamon, makes it to die for. Never will I ever grow bored of the famous Cocon'Chata, instead I'll die happy knowing such an amazing creation exists within this flawed world.