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Waichicircus about 2 months ago


Italian food was always my favorite, when I was diagnosed with autoimmune and had to stop all of my favorite foods, my world was shattered! Everyone I know always knew how much I loved food and how sacred feasting was to me. It was a long dark tunnel until I found Salud and their food and juices healed me while still tasting great. Rawvioli is my favorite because everything about it is what I remembered of ravioli before I was diagnosed. It has brought color to my life again! Thank you.

Arjun 2 months ago

Arugula Salad

very tasty and delicious breakfast

Elle10292 2 months ago


Calming-was very delicious and soothing felt like my insides were being gently hugged

Mramos77 2 months ago


Amazing drink. It certainly makes it for a great breakfast drink to get your juices flowing. I truly enjoy all of Salud Juices but The Lolita is my favorite.

Rosechristie 2 months ago


This is a go-to of mine when I want something refreshing that will also keep me satisfied until I eat a real meal. Banana, cacao & peanut butter? TRIFECTA! The oats also add a nice thickness that makes this far more substantial than your average smoothie.

Pamela 3 months ago


I am visiting the area for a few days. I stopped into Salud this morning and it was a wonderful experience. The ladies were very knowledgeable and helped me choose a couple items that will benefit me. They were very friendly and I loved the juices. 5 stars!

Syramicdol82 3 months ago


If you love drinks with a kick, this is the one for you! The ginger and cayenne feel good on a sore throat. This tonic is a must if you're feeling under the will help get you back to health!

Celinda 3 months ago


Salud! Sante! Novdrovia! Mubuhay! Kanpai! Saude! Prost! Skol! Ageshehaday! Whatever language you speak, Salud Juice deserves a toast. Whenever I drink my organic, raw, gluten-free, soy-free, grain-free, non high-pressure processing bottle of LIFE, I am impressed at how well they know their stuff. They've put everything into their drinks that I would personally make for myself and for my family. I consider myself OCD with research, once I'm interested in a topic, I peel back layers of layers of layers of information, I pretty much take it as far underground as I can to know everything there is about any subject. If you're like me, I also scrutinize the ingredients of everything I purchase, and what can I say, Salud juices have passed my scrutiny. If you've ever ordered their juice detox, you'll know that you can customize 5 (or more) to your preference. I've called it in 24 hours in advance and they've gotten it accurate 100% of the time and it's been ready when I come in. I've had their berry bowl too, and it just sparked so much joy that they've got that done right too. I'm hooked on ya, Salud, and your staff has been nothing short of delightful and helpful. <3

Arielle 2 months ago


I get the purple one smoothie at least once a week! Flavor is amazing especially with half apple juice half coconut milk (you get to choose which one you want your smoothie to be blended with, or both). I love to add maca for only 1$ and you can really taste the maca! Best deal on an organic superfood and berry smoothie around at 8$. Love love love Salud, thank you for your affordable high quality vegan delights!

Erika 2 months ago


Oh wow this was delicious!! Not too sweet. Perfectly balanced smoothie bowl :)

Yogieweinmann 2 months ago


My boyfriend and i have been drinking a variety of the cold press juices for a week and wanted to try the bowls.. This green bowl was everything we needed and then some. The raw richness, the layers of flavor and texture of this delicious treat was a perfectly assembled debut of just how happy your pallet and your day will be. Well done Salud Juice !!!

Fpamouki 2 months ago


Full of flavor and satisfied my chocolate craving without overloading the sweetness. Every bite tasted real and organic and the chia added a great texture! Will definitely eat again.

Alicia0gawronski 3 months ago


I loved the celery juice! Way better than I had expected. I was totally skeptical at first, I thought it would taste really bland and earthy. A friend recommended that I try it though, for the health benefits, and I am very happy that I did because I am now a fan of this super simple, healthy drink!

Sgiudicessi 3 months ago

Straight Down

Amazing juice and dishes ;) I am a lover of all things Salud!

Nakia 3 months ago


I LOVE this bowl. It satisfies my sweet tooth without making me feel gross.


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